What is grammar?

Language consists of words – spoken or written – which we use to communicate with other people. Grammar is the structure of that language: the way it’s used, and the conventions that help us understand what is meant from the context.  We learn grammar as toddlers when we learn to speak, so if you speak correctly it’s likely that your children will too, without ever having been taught formally. Read more »

My posts in the Microsoft education website

You can read my posts in the Microsoft Education website by following these links:

1. The STOLEN and the 7 Cs- how to innovate and give a humanistic touch to Teaching & Learning

2. Practicing listening and speaking with technology

3. Podcasts- The Forgotten Tool

4. What Does it Mean To Be Innovative in Education?

Workshop about TWT

Title: Practising listening and speaking with Technology

Presenter: Walid Chaafi

Occasion: Digital English Tunisia 2015

organiser: British Council Tunisia

Date: 21-03-2015

The purpose is for attendees to understand the potentials of technologies like Podcasts, skype, Youtube, smartphones… Read more »

Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship

Announcing Certiport’s 2015 Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship from August 9-12 in Dallas, Texas!

This annual competition is about students taking a Microsoft Office Specialist exam in either Word, Excel, or PowerPoint (2010/2013). Students who have the highest scores in each respective category will be invited to compete as National Champions at the World Championships in Dallas. Students will compete for the title of “World Champion” and the chance to win up to $7,500.

Read more »

Keeping safe in social network sites


Here are some tips on how to keep your students and yourself safe within social network sites. Which advice would you give to your students? Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Social Media in Education

According to Digizen, the activities listed below are some of the most popular that learners become involved in while using social networking sites:
* Representing themselves online, create and develop an online presence and online profiles
* Viewing content such as video and audio/finding information
* Creating and customising profiles
* Authoring and uploading content such as video and images
* Posting messages – public & private
* Collaborating with other people Read more »

Promote the use of technology in education

It is true that technology has not replaced everything in the field of education but it has improved things for the better. In this 21st century, the use of technology has become more than an option, it is a must.
Many educators are still reluctant to use technology in their teaching. So it is our role to help those and encourage them to do their best.
here is a video that I made which you can use in your sessions or to help others.

Let’s move on and make things better.

BUT always have this in mind: Pedagogy Leads Technology