What is grammar?

Language consists of words – spoken or written – which we use to communicate with other people. Grammar is the structure of that language: the way it’s used, and the conventions that help us understand what is meant from the context.  We learn grammar as toddlers when we learn to speak, so if you speak correctly it’s likely that your children will too, without ever having been taught formally. Continue reading “Grammar”

The STOLEN and the 7 Cs

One key competency that employers across the board value in employees is the ability to think creatively and logically in order to solve problems.

The American Diplomacy Project

The role of the school is not only to provide knowledge; it helps create good citizens who are able to fit in their roles in the future and why not even in their current situations. Educators make lots of emphasis on the technological side, and they forget, most of the time, about the human side of teaching. We do not want to produce robotic-like students who just do as they are told! We want humans who are able to think and fell, share and care. Continue reading “The STOLEN and the 7 Cs”

Podcasts The Forgotten Tool

How can my learners listen to podcasts?

In class, your learners can listen to podcasts in their normal classroom via a computer or portable device such as iPod, MP3 player or smartphone. In a computer room learners can listen to the audio files via a computer with headphones.

Alternatively, you can arrange for your learners to save the audio files to their own portable devices and complete tasks individually, in small groups or for homework. Continue reading “Podcasts The Forgotten Tool”

Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship

Announcing Certiport’s 2015 Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship from August 9-12 in Dallas, Texas!

This annual competition is about students taking a Microsoft Office Specialist exam in either Word, Excel, or PowerPoint (2010/2013). Students who have the highest scores in each respective category will be invited to compete as National Champions at the World Championships in Dallas. Students will compete for the title of “World Champion” and the chance to win up to $7,500.

Continue reading “Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship”