Practice Vowels

/a: /  Famous stars smoke cigars in cars and bars!

/æ/   That fat cat sat on a rat. Now it's flat as a mat!

/aI/   Mike likes bikes with spikes to ride on ice.

/aʊ/  I doubt he'll clout the lout who stole his trout. He'll shout out loud!

/e/   The clever never ever say "Never ever!".

/eI/  If there's a delay, they pay to stay another day.

/eə/ They dare to stare at fair hair because it's rare there.

/I / If the stick isn't thick, you'll split it when you hit it.

/i:/ Don't freeze the cheese, please, Louise!

/Iə/  It's clear the beer is dear here!

/ɒ/ Doctor Oscar often operates on opposition politicians.

/əʊ/ Joan won't go home to Rome by boat alone.

/ɔ:/ She caught her daughter in the water with a naughty boy.

/ɔI/ The noise from Roy's toys annoys other boys.

/ʊ/ The cook shook when he took a look at the cook book.

/u:/ Whose two new blue shoes did Sue lose?

/ʊə/ If the water on the tour isn't pure, you can't be sure there will be a cure!

/3:/ Bert wasn't hurt but got dirt on his shirt.

/ʌ/ If mother had another brother, I'd have another uncle.

/ə/ A moment ago he announced a new address.

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