Practice consonants and sounds

/b/ Barry's barrel of beer was a better buy than Bob's bargain bottles.

/p/ Pete persuaded Pam to pick up Paula's parcel at the post office.

/d/ Dad does detest dealing with dogs' droppings in the driveway.

/t/ Toddlers' toilet training takes time.

/dʒ/ Jolting gelignite is generally jolly dangerous!

/t∫/ Charles said cherries, cheese and chocolate are cheap in China.

/D/ It's the weather there that bothers them.

/θ/ A thirsty thief thanked Theo for his thermos.

/v/ Vera values the variety of vitamins in vegetables.

/f/ Inefficient farmers fear future foreign food imports.

/g/ The giggling girls gradually got a grip on themselves.

/k/ Cairo kids quickly catch colds in Canada.

/z/ The zippy Zaire zebra zigzagged through the Zurich zoo.

/s/ Super salesmen soon succeed in selling something.

/ʒ/ We should treasure leisure for its immeasurable pleasure!

/∫/ She showed the shy shogun a Shinto shrine.

/h/ When Helen had Harry, her husband hurried her to hospital.

/j/ You used your yellow uniform yesterday.

/l/ Larry lured lots of lovely ladies to his lair.

/m/ Most managers make much more money than me.

/n/ I'll naturally never know Naples like my Neapolitan neighbour.

/ŋ/ Karaoke king Bing sang a long song in Hong Kong.

/r/ Ronald Reagan wrecked his red Rolls Royce.

/w/ We await snowy winter weather without warm winds.


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