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How to Pronounce the Days of the Week

In order to pronounce the days of the week clearly and correctly, you should be aware of four pronunciation rules.

1. Syllable stress

Since days of the week are compound nouns, you need to stress (emphasize) the first syllable. This rule applies to most compound nouns.

2. The correct sounds of S

When the letter S is located in the middle or at the end of a word, you’ll often need to pronounce it with a /z/ sound.

3. The interdental Th sound

You need to use a clear interdental Th sound in Thursday.

4.The tapped T sound

You need to use a tapped T sound in Saturday.

Words for practice

Here’s my semi phonetic spelling of the dayz of the week.

  1. MONday
  2. TUEzday
  3. WENzday   (note the dropped syllable)
  4. THURzday
  5. FRIday
  6. SAdurday
  7. SUNday

Here are two more words that fit into this pattern.

  1. WEEKendz
  2. WEEKdayz

Listen here

3. The twelve months of the year

Listen to the a song about months

4. Numbers from 1 to 20

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