English tenses

Future progressive

The future progressive tense  indicates an action that will occur over a period of time at some point in the future. It expresses events that will last for a duration of time at some point in the future. It is also called the future continuous tense. The future progressive tense is also used in the future perfect progressive.

Form of the future progressive

The future progressive tense is formed by adding will be to the ing form (gerund form) of the main verb.

will be verb+ing


I will/'ll be watching TV.


I will not/won't be watching a football match.


Will you be watching TV?


will be watching = 'll be watching
will not be watching = won't be watching

Use of the future progressive

Future progressive tense is used to indicate action which will be taking place at some time in the future.

will be watching a football match next Sunday afternoon.
We'll be working on our project this morning..
When you arrive, I'll be sleeping .
will be leaving in a few minutes.
We will be working tomorrow morning.


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