British vs American English

  British English                                                           American English     



 Trousers   Pants
Pants  Underwear  Knickers Underwear  Panties
Jumper  Pullover  Sweater  Jersey Sweater
Pinafore Dress Jumper
Vest Undershirt
Waistcoat Vest
Trainers  Pumps Sneakers
Braces Suspenders
Nappy Diaper
Swimming costume  Cozzy Bathing Suit
 At school 
Glue Gum
Rubber Eraser
Maths Math
Public School Private School
State School Public School
Holiday Vacation
School Dinner School Lunch
Staff Room Teachers Lounge
Play Time  Break Time Recess
Open Day  Open Evening Open House
  On the road 
Car Park Parking Lot
Car Journey Road Trip
Zebra Crossing  Pedestrian Cross Walk
Motorway Freeway
Lorry Truck
Petrol Gas  Gasoline
Pavement Sidewalk
Petrol Station Gas Station
Diversion Detour
Fire Engine Fire Truck
Phone Box Telephone Booth
 Buildings  Shops 
Semi-detached House Duplex
Flat Apartment
Terrace Town House
Chemist Drug Store  Druggist
Bungalow Ranch House
  Let's eat !  
Biscuit  Bickie Cookie
Scone Biscuit
Faire Cake Cup Cake
Sweet Candy
Crisps Potato Chips
Chips French Fries
Starter Appetizer
Jam Jelly
Jelly Jello
Bill Check
Grill Broil
Eggy bread French Toast
Scotch Pancakes Flapjacks
  Parts of a car 
Bonnet Hood
Boot Trunk
Reversing lights Back up  lights
Exhaust pipe Tail pipe
Wing  Mudguard Fender
  In and around the house 
Toilet  Loo  Wc - Bathroom
Tap Faucet
Garden Backyard Yard
Wardrobe Closet
Cooker Range  Stove
Couch  Settee Sofa
Postman Mailman
Dustman Garbage Man
Cashier Teller
Lollypop Man Crossing Guard
Mum Mom
Football Soccer
Rounders Baseball
Bat Paddle
Autumn Fall
Bank Holiday National Holiday
Lift Elevator
QueueThere's a queue Stand in a LineThere's a line
Surgery Doctor's office
I'm knackered I'm beat
Kip Sleep
Nick Steal
Starkers Naked
Come round Come over
Off you go Go ahead
It's gone off It's spoiled
Lady bird Lady bug
Colour Color
Humour Humor
Favourite Favorite
Theatre Theater
Kilometre Kilometer
Cosy Cozy
Realise Realize
Dialogue Dialog
Traveller Traveler
Cheque Check
Jewellery Jewelry
Tyre Tire
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