1. Writing Types:

Types of Writing ….

2. Essay Planner:

How to plan your essay ….

3. Writing as a process:

The steps of Writing …

4. Friendly letter layout:

How to write a letter to a friend …

5. Formal letter layout:

How to write a letter to someone whom you don’t know….

6. Writing a summary:

Hints about how to summarize ….

7. More documents and worksheets:

New documents meant to be used as guidelines for the writing types/styles

8. Punctuation

Understand punctuation in order to write better essays

9. Writing an article

advice on how to best deal with writing an article

[intlink id=”596″ type=”post”]10. Spelling[/intlink]

Some rules about spelling

[intlink id=”599″ type=”post”]11. Writing Tips[/intlink]

Few pieces of advice of how to write better

12. English functions

Understand English functions to know how to express according to the topic

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