Workshop about TWT

Title: Practising listening and speaking with Technology

Presenter: Walid Chaafi

Occasion: Digital English Tunisia 2015

organiser: British Council Tunisia

Date: 21-03-2015

The purpose is for attendees to understand the potentials of technologies like Podcasts, skype, Youtube, smartphones…

Stage1: started by asking them what technologies they use in the class, for what purposes…they spoke about their experiences… I talked to them about two tools (like podcasts) and let them think of other ways. Let them bring the ideas and I monitored that by giving examples and data related to the topic.

Stage2: We tested the use of Smartphone as a tool to enhance speaking by recording one attendee speech on the phone and explained its use in class or outside.

Stage 3: engaged a discussion about the benefits of videos/ skype in teaching English and gave practical examples if attendees failed to provide some.

Stage 4: talked about online dictionaries and apps.

Meanwhile I played some slides for them to understand more with less talk from my part.

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