Vowels and diphthongs


First, let us take up the 12 pure vowels. When pronounced, they do not change quality and that is why they are termed as ‘monophthongs’. For ease of study, they are given in the form of a table, below:

Note: Please refer this table for the symbolic representation of the vowels according to their respective serial number.

1 is the vowel found in neat, seat, sheet, each
2 occurs in words like: in, if, bid, city
3 as in set, head, net
4 occurs in bat, cat, ant
5 in ask, car, aunt
6 in words like: on, not, cot, odd
7 in caught, horse, law
8 in put, book, hook
9 in boon, two, move, group
10 in cup, come, does
11 in bird, earn, learn
12 in ago (first syllable)

The next 8 vowels are diphthongs. They glide from one quality to another within the same syllable.

13 in here, near, rear
14 in tour, poor, doer
15 in care, dare, share
16 in play,aim, name
17 in boy, boil, soil
18 in eyes, buy, ice
19 in cow, noun, crown
20 in go, boat, own

Thus, ends our description of the 12 pure vowels and 8 diphthongs which are collectively known as the 20 vowels of English. 

Now listen to some of the vowels

[audio:http://www.english-efl.com/wp-content/uploads/sounds-of-english-vowels.mp3|titles=sounds of english vowels]

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