Training Session


Presenter: Walid Chaafi (Teacher of English; ICT trainer; MIE Expert)

Facility:  Emtiez Prep. School Medenine – Tunisia

Date: 04/12/2014


I have conducted a 1-hour training session today for many teachers of different subjects. there were teachers of :

– English

– French

– Physics

– Arabic

– Technology

The session was delivered in Arabic language with the use of many notions in French.

The session covered the following themes:

1- 21st century skills

2- MS OneNote

3- MS Autocollage

4- OneDrive

5- Office 365

As it is the end-of-term tests here in Tunisia ( for 2 weeks), we didn’t have many teachers (only 10). But we agreed to have 2 other sessions after the end of the exams.

The tools covered were new to the teachers who promised to have an in-depth look at home about these ones.

What surprised them was the discovery of the online office components (Excel, Word, PP…) which they expressed their great enthousiasm to apply that.

Here are some Picture of the training session:

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And this is a video of a Discussion that took place between participants. It is in Arabic (Tunisian Dialect) I have to work on the subtitles if I find the time and the skill to do that soon:)

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