Teaching tips


1. Seven Teaching Strategies for Classroom Teachers of ELLs
Learn 7 key strategies classroom teachers must know to provide an effective learning environment for ELLs.

2. Bloom’s taxonomy and English language learners
Your English language learners should be developing thinking skills as they acquire English. Dust off your copy of Bloom’s Taxonomy and ask questions from all levels. There are activities that ELLs can do on every level. Includes classroom resource picks.

3. Collaborative Teaching: Are Two Teachers Better Than One?
Over the past few years co-teaching has become more popular as low incidence school districts search for ways to best serve the needs of their English language learners. What is co-teaching? Does it work? Read this article to find out.

4. Communicating with Gestures
Very few gestures are universally understood and interpreted. What is perfectly acceptable in the United States may be rude, or even obscene, in other cultures. Includes classroom resource picks.

5. Tips for teaching to write

What are the challenges learners  face in learning to write in English? How can you help them? Read this article.

6. using video in classroom

Do you use videos in your classrooms? Read this article to have an idea about a way of using video in classrooms.

7.  A series of articles about course planning:

        1. course planning  (part 1)

       2. course planning  (part 2)

      3. course planning  (part 3)

     4. course planning  (part 4)

     5. course planning  (part 5)