What is grammar?

Language consists of words – spoken or written – which we use to communicate with other people. Grammar is the structure of that language: the way it’s used, and the conventions that help us understand what is meant from the context.  We learn grammar as toddlers when we learn to speak, so if you speak correctly it’s likely that your children will too, without ever having been taught formally.

Grammatical points:
Active and passive                      

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Determiners and articles


Nouns: singular and plural           

Nouns: countable and uncountable               

Phrasal verbs               

Direct and indirect speech           

Statements and questions                

Talking about the present

Talking about the Past                        

Talking about the future                    

 Verb tenses and forms

Verbs: intransitive and transitive               

 Word order           

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List of the irregular verbs

Grammar Review                   

Common Errors                 


who or whom 

who’s or whose            

which or that   

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[intlink id=”322″ type=”post”]Gerund[/intlink] 

[intlink id=”324″ type=”post”]Infinitive[/intlink]



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