English resources

Here you’ll find free pronunciation practice exercises, conversations and listening tests to help you improve your spoken English. If you are looking for a way to learn English pronunciation, practice English conversations in real situations, improve and test your English listening skills, and in general, be able to speak English more confidently, you’ll get plenty of tools and resources on this site.
Whether you are a student learning to talk in English, seeking how to pronounce words correctly, trying to develop fluency in English or looking for ways to prepare for English listening tests, or you are a teacher seeking to develop listening and speaking skills in your students, make use of the resources available here. Use  them for free

1.  Ebook of listening skill and tests

 the book    (pdf  / 288K)) 

mp3 file  (37 MB) 

2. Ebook of conversation in english

the book   (pdf  / 187K))   

mp3 file   (37 MB)  

3. Ebook of pronunciation practice

the book   ( pdf  / 432K) 

mp3 file (37 MB)    

4. Writing resources

Some pdf files about techniques of writing and how to better organize and plan to write? you need to have adobe reader installed, if you don’t have please go to adobe website and download the latest version here

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