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Spelling rules

Final Silent “e”
If a word ends in a consonant followed by a silent “e”, drop the “e” before endings beginning with a vowel, but keep the “e” before endings beginning with a consonant:


1. Writing Types:
Types of Writing ….
2. Essay Planner:
How to plan your essay ….
3. Writing as a process:
The steps of Writing …
4. Friendly letter layout:
How to write a letter to a friend …
5. Formal letter layout:
How to write a letter to someone whom you don’t know….
6. Writing a summary:
Hints about how to summarize ….
7. More documents […]

English functions

Contrasting Ideas
Making Complaints
Asking for Information
Giving Advice
Being Imprecise or Vague
Saying ‘No’ Nicely
Showing Preferences
Making Suggestions
Offering Help
Giving Warning
Demanding Explanations
Here are a number of useful phrases used when disagreeing or expressing another opinion. Notice that a number of these expressions employ the first or second conditional.

I wouldn’t do that. I would…
But if we…
I’m afraid I have to disagree with […]

writing tips

Before writ­ing, we need to remem­ber a fun­da­men­tal fact that essay writ­ing is also a skill that should be devel­oped like the skills of type­writ­ing, draw­ing, swim­ming etc. Hence it is a time-bounded activ­ity. Any stu­dent who expects him­self or her­self to become good at this skill in a short period of time should real­ize […]


Capital Letters
Use Capital (T, S, B, etc.) letters for the following types of words:

Days, Months and Public Holidays

Monday, January, Christmas

Proper names of People and Places

Jack, Maria, New York, Germany

Titles for People

Ms, Dr, General

Nationalities and Regions (both nouns and adjectives)

Dutch, Swedish, Basque

Titles of Works of Art (content words only)

The Last Day of Summmer, American Journal of […]

Writing an article

You’re sure to be asked to write an article at some time during your course or for your exams. It might be a piece of writing that needs to persuade, argue and inform, for example. Above all, though, being an article, it will need to be interesting and lively.
Here are some typical questions:
Write an informative […]