Adverbs like; quickly, softly, badly, suddenly, etc.

Adverbs tells you how something happens or how somebody does something (the car stopped suddenly, the nurse was speaking softly, you must listen carefully, he understands perfectly).

Adjectives Adverb
She is very quiet. She speaks quietly.
Be polite ! Ask politely.
It was a bad game. We played badly.
You feel nervous. You reacted nervously.


hard, fast, late, early : These words are adjectives and adverbs.

Her job is very hard. She works very hard.
He is a fast walker. He walks very fast.
The train is late / early. The train arrived late / early.


good (adjective) and well (adverb)

Your book is very good. You write very well.
It was a good decision. You did very well.

 well is also an adjective (not ill = in good health) (How are you ? I am very well, thank you. And you ?).

Adverbs of degree

 Enough means a satisfactory amount or degree  Too means more than enough, an excessive amount or degree  Very means something is done to a high degree, it is usually factual
 comes after adjectives and adverbs, and before nouns  Comes before adjectives   Comes before adjectives or other adverbs
 This jacket isn’t big enough for me.We have enough money to buy our own apartment  Our apartment is too small for us   He finishes his work very quickly

Adverbs of time

 For shows how long something happened. It is used to refer to a period of time.  Both during and while refer to a period of time in which something happens.  When and while can both be used when two things happen at the same time.
   During is used with a noun .  While is used with a subject and verb.  When is used when two short events happen at the same time.  While is used when two continuous actions happen at the same time.
 She’s in New York for a few days.  We were busy during the weekend.  We went shopping while you were sleeping.  I heard you when you opened the door.  ‘While you were studying I went out shopping.’

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